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TT Trump không cho ông Rosenstein lên thay Jeff Sessions (vì ông này chỉ định Ông Mueller điều tra)

Mike Wilson tóm lược.
Subject: ***_1_ngày_sau_bầu_cử - trump_VÔ_CỚ_ĐUỔI_VIỆC Bộ_Trưởng_Tư_pháp, tìm_ cách_ngăn_cản_điều_tra_!
From: Mike Wilson
Date: Thu, November 08, 2018 2:16 pm

Trong cuộc bầu cử Thuợng viện giữa kỳ 2018 vừa qua, đảng Dân Chủ bị nằm ở thế bất lợi nhiều nhất vì phải bảo vệ 24 ghế thượng viện thuộc đảng Dân Chủ
trong khi đảng Cộng Hòa chỉ cần bảo vệ 8 ghế . (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_elections)

Kết quả là, trong 100 ghế Thuợng viện, đảng Cộng Hòa giữ lại được 51 ghế, một đa số tương đối.

Nhưng qua đến bầu cử giữa kỳ 2020, thì tình thế sẽ đảo ngược :
đảng Cộng Hòa sẽ phải ở thế thủ, phải bảo vệ nhiều ghế hơn đảng Dân Chủ,
do đó đảng Dân Chủ sẽ có cơ chiếm lại đa số Thượng viện .

Do đảng Cộng Hòa của Trump kiểm soát được Thuợng viện, *** nghĩa là trump sẽ không thể bị truất phế, ***
nên chỉ 1 ngày sau bầu cử giữa kỳ 2018, Trump VÔ CỚ đuổi việc Bộ Trưởng Tư pháp Jeff Sessions
- VÔ CỚ đuổi việc - (vì ông này đã từ chối ngăn chặn việc điều tra Trump),
nhưng Trump không thăng cấp cho ông Rosenstein lên thay (vì ông này chỉ định Ông Mueller điều tra Trump, với phạm vi quyền hạn rộng lớn, dò đến đâu điều tra đến đó), mà trump lại cài cắm tay sai bộ hạ Matthew G. Whitaker
(một kẻ cuồng Trump, liên tục tấn công Ông Bob Mueller) thay ông Sessions làm Bộ Trưởng, và thay luôn ông Rossenstein để giám sát ông Bob Mueller.

Thâm ý của Trump là không trực tiếp ra tay, nhưng mượn tay ông Whitaker để NGĂN CẢN VÀ ĐUỔI VIỆC ông Mueller.

Nếu chuyện này xảy ra, Hạ Viện do đảng Dân Chủ nắm quyền lãnh đạo sẽ điều tra và tìm cách truất phế ông Whitaker, - ngay cả điều tra và truất phế D. Trump !

Theo Rachel Maddow của MSNBC tối qua, đã có hàng trăm cuộc biểu tình được kêu gọi và dự định tổ chức tại hàng trăm thành phố Mỹ
- để phản kháng việc Trump lộng quyền như trên, vì việc lộng quyền này sẽ có thể dẫn đến khủng hoảng chính trị Mỹ !!!

Vì có Thuợng viện Cộng Hòa chống lưng, Trump hăm dọa : "nếu Hạ viện điều tra tao, tao sẽ dùng Thuợng viện điều tra lại chúng mày"
(dù không biết điều tra về vụ gì ? bà Clinton ? ông Obama ?)
- "tao sẽ làm nhà nước tê liệt, và tao sẽ đổ lỗi cho đảng Dân Chủ chúng mày!"

Vấn đề là:

Những gì ban điều tra của ông Mueller đã khui ra, những hồ sơ chứng cớ ấy KHÔNG AI THỦ TIÊU ĐƯỢC, - và sẽ được giao cho Quốc Hội !!!

FBI càng tiến gần đến việc phát hiện các tội ác của Trump (gian lận thuế, rửa tiền, thông gian với Nga, v.v.), thì Trump lại càng ngoan cố, quýnh lên,
cuống quít tìm cách ngăn chặn việc điều tra !!! Đó là động thái hoàn toàn trái ngược với hành vi của một kẻ vô tội !!!

Liệu dân Mỹ có chấp nhận NHẮM MẮT để bị BỊT MẮT hay không?


Trump fires Sessions, vows to fight Democrats if they launch probes

By Steve Holland and Jeff Mason,Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Wednesday forced out Attorney General Jeff Sessions a day after congressional elections, and vowed to fight if the U.S. House of Representatives' new Democratic majority launches probes into his administration.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader who could be the next speaker, called Sessions' ouster a "blatant attempt" to undermine the Russia probe and urged Whitaker to recuse himself from any involvement in a statement posted to Twitter.

During a combative news conference in which he tangled with reporters, Trump trumpeted his role in Republican gains in Tuesday's midterm congressional elections, and warned of a "warlike posture" in Washington if Democrats investigated him.

Democrats will now head House committees that can probe the president's tax returns, which he has refused to turn over since he was a candidate, possible business conflicts of interest and any links between his 2016 campaign and Russia, a matter being investigated by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller is overseen by Rosenstein, who reports to Sessions.

Trump said he could fire Mueller if he wanted but was hesitant to take that step. "I could fire everybody right now, but I don't want to stop it, because politically I don't like stopping it, (it would be VERY BAD for me, and I have been repeatedly warned by Congress.)" he said.

Moscow denies meddling. Trump, calling the Mueller probe a witch hunt, has repeatedly said there was no collusion. (so why didn't he cooperate with Mueller to prove his innocence and bring the investigation to a speedy end - why does he act like he has something to hide, starting with his tax returns, his relationship with Russian oligarch and Putin, etc... ?)

Trump was buoyed on Wednesday by victories that added to the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, telling reporters at the White House that the gains outweighed the Democrats' takeover of the House. He added that he was willing to work with Democrats on key priorities but felt any House investigations of his administration would hurt prospects for bipartisanship.

"They can play that game, but we can play it better," Trump said of the possibility of Democratic investigations.

----- COMMENTS :----

Texas 16 hr ago
"They can play that game, but we can play it better," Trump said of the possibility of Democratic investigations. What are they (the Republicans in the Senate) going to investigate? Hillary again? Non-existent voter fraud again? He can't do squat about the House (of Congress, which will use Democrat majority to investigate his possible wrong doings and/or criminal acts)

Anonymous 12 hr ago
Nobody is above Federal law, not even the President of the United States. Should the Independent Counsel investigation uncover evidence that the President or additional members of his administration, campaign staff, transition team, and family may have committed federal crimes, then it is in the best interests of the American people and our democratic form of government for those potential crimes to be subjected to Congressional probe.

Texas 16 hr ago
"They can play that game, but we can play it better," Trump said of the possibility of Democratic investigations. What are they going to investigate? Hillary again? Non-existent voter fraud again? He can't do squat about the House.

Marian 1 day ago
So what the democrats won. They start to their political wrangling of which the ordinary citizen will lose again. Whoever remembers this - during President Clinton has started to move factories and enterprises to China and Asia. to reduce production costs. (Clinton did not move American factories to China ! The American capitalists did that to take advantage of the open markets in the global economy, and maximize their profits ... Neither Clinton nor Obama could have reversed the globalization trend, nor George W. Bush, nor even don trump ... the behind-the-scenes capitalists rule the world - not American presidents . The more trump tries to fix or reverse globalization trend, the more problems will arise ... Globalization will adapt itself to changing situations and conflicting pressures . In a globally open world, with information and international trade knitting nations together - isolationism is impossible, outdated and counter-productive ...)

Satchmo 22 hr ago
What do they want to "reign" in? The booming economy, lowest unemployment in 40-years (continuation of the recovery trend under Obama), lowest for stamp usage in decades (due to online transactions - certainly not due to trump), standing up to China and getting a fair deal, protecting our border (from invasion and over run by a few thousand immigrants ?). Is this what the Democrats want to "reign" in? (take a look at trump and what he has been trying to hide ... putting himself above the law, obstructing investigation at every step ... creating more and more political conflicts, deficits, misleading falsehoods, uncertainty ... trying to dominate and transform the Justice Department and Congress into his tools to intimidate opponents and the media ... if he could, he would shut down opposing news organizations, incite violence and politically destroy his opponents ... if he could, he would like to be a life-time ruler like Xi Jin-ping - that's what we want to reign in !!! take a deeper look ... don't be too shallow ...)

John 1 day ago
Uh ... repubs control White House, Senate, Supreme Court, state Governorships, state legislatures. (and they are trying to cut social programs and blame the Democrats ...?)

JohnSomethingOrOther 1 day ago
President still has veto & still can approve his own party's stuff (like Obama, he can change and dictate regulations by executive orders - but he still cannot make laws or change laws !!!). No big deal. That isn't going to stop Donald. (the trump investigations, if allowed to dig up everything, may be able to stop trump - what he is trying to hide, must be dragged out in the open for all Americans to see ! he must not be allowed to mislead us like a bunch of blind followers ...)

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