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Kiểm phiếu là thiếu tự tin - nhưng kiểm thì kiểm

On Monday, November 28, 2016 9:21 AM, "ThDuy Pham phamthduy_21@yahoo.com [VietNamHaiNgoai]" wrote:

Kiểm phiếu là chuyện buồn cười, tốn kém vô ích. Hơn nữa chỉ nói lên sự mất tự tin của phe kém phiếu vào cơ chế vận hành của chế độ.

Nhưng nếu phe thắng tự tin vào cơ chế, thì

kiểm thì kiểm, có gì phải nổi sùng?

On Monday, November 28, 2016 9:10 AM, "Thoai Lien thlien2001@yahoo.com [GoiDan]" wrote:
The Wizard's Chess Game
(The story was written near the Election Day in 2004)
I have traveled through many States, through many highways, from East to West and from North to South across the US continent, but never have I seen any curve on a highway as bad as those on I-95 in Rhode Island. As I traveled North through Providence on a light-traffic evening, I had to hit the brake several times between Exits 18 and 22. Each time the wheel swayed, I glanced at the odometer and wondered why I almost lost control of the wheel when my odometer read ~62MPH or lower. When I slowed down enough, I realized that those curves did not properly elevate to reduce centrifugal force! Thus, it came to wonder, “Was it because this State is too small to afford a good Civil Engineer to build a safe angle on those curves right in Providence? Or was it the State's intention to get high-speed drivers off the street?” By then, I guess only the Wizard can tell. But one good thing is that once someone took the trouble to complain (I did in 2004), a proper sign was installed to tell travelers to reduce speed. And that is why I appreciate the Freedom of Speech in the U.S.
Driving along the highway those days, listening to Channel 1030, I heard one guy ask a "prominent figure" whether the Current President was legitimately elected. I shook my head, thinking how many people in this world would see the hand-count request the way I see it!
I remember, the days prior to Dec.12, 2000. I could spell the word "trouble" from the President-Elect's face. Of course, he wasn't sure how the Supreme Court would flip the coin because neither party had strong evidence to suggest continuing or stopping the hand counts. On Dec.12, 2000, about 12:00AM, I sat in front of my PC, writing to the President-Elect, Gov. Jeff Bush, Prof. Viet-Dinh, and the familiar figure Mr. JJ, aiming to pass the following message to Bush's lawyer. In my message, I said, Justice Pao needed no Law degree to become a renounced Judge in ancient Chinese history. Rather, it was his keen insights that count.

My story was "I had a Dream."
I had a dream in which I called Mr. JJ to come to the stand. In that courtroom, I showed him a stack of a hundred one-dollar new bills, and said,
"Can you find any mark on these bills?"
Mr. JJ held the bills, looked from side to side, and answered, "No."
"Please double-check them again. Say, if you can find any indentation or any mark on any bill, it is yours to keep." I told him.
He looked and looked again, and returned, and said honestly:
"There is really no mark on them."
As I received that stack of bills from Mr. JJ, I fanned it against my thumbnail, then showed the stack to him again and said, "Can you check them again? I think there are a few marks on a few of them here."
Mr. JJ, knitting his eyebrows, looked at the bills again. This time he was able to pick a few dollars for him.
I then gave him the magnifying glass, and said, "Look again. There are still more for you." Mr. JJ did and came up with a few more bills.
I then asked, " Mr. JJ! Do you know where those indentations came from? They were from my thumbnail as I fanned them against it just now."
Mr. JJ looked at me, "What is your point?"
"My point is that I don't think there were thousands of “incapable individuals” residing in the same county in Florida, who made the same mistakes in their attempts to cast their votes for Gore. We live in this modern society; we should learn how to trust modern technologies as we have already learned how to make use of automobiles, of microwave ovens, etc. If you told me, there were only a few people making mistakes, I would believe it right away. But with so many ballots being sorted out from the machines, I will not buy it, especially, when you can see for yourself that the machine feeders did fan the ballots against their thumbnails before they put them in the slots – they did so to ensure that the votes would not stick together. Since the counting process involved fanning the ballots against the thumbnails, you might wonder who wanted to steal the votes by suggesting multiple recounts with the magnifying glasses. So, I would go back to your church if I were you... Florida is the place for people to go watch bikini, not for Clergyman to wander around."
Mr. JJ stood dumbfoundedly as Bill Press came up to escort him out.

By the time I got up and had breakfast next morning, I saw Mr. Bush appear with a "radiant" smile on TV. I knew by heart "He got the message" - whether directly or indirectly. I shared my vision that hurt Gore's pride, but in my point of view, it is "just". There is no reason we could let the people who were not strong enough to punch the hole to decide our nation's fate for us. There is no reason we employ all kinds of appliances and technologies in our daily lives, then turn around and say that machine count is not reliable, when bankers use the same device to count their cash daily!
Published in Nguoi-Dep-Magazine (NYC), October 2006 issue.

On Monday, November 28, 2016 11:28 AM, "nhan nguyen tuanbaotiengdan@yahoo.com [ChinhNghiaViet]" wrote:


Ai đó đã nói: "Một nhà lãnh đạo phải có khả năng tối thiểu nhìn sự việc trước cọng sự viên 3 lần, trước thuộc hạ 6 lần và trước quần chúng 9 lần". Một luật sư phải biết những nguyên tắc căn bản của pháp lý tổng quát dù là luật pháp của bất cứ nước nào trên thế giới, trừ luật của Cộng Sản (Cuba, Việt Nam, Bắc Triều Tiên và Trung Cộng) Ai thấy quyền lợi của mình bị thiệt hại có quyền khiếu nại, kiện cáo.
Cuộc bầu cử Tổng Thống Hoa Kỳ năm 2016 đã có kết quả: ứng cử viên Donald Trump được 290 phiếu cử tri đoàn, bà Hillary Clinton được 232 phiếu. Số phiếu của ông Trump trên 270 phiếu, đủ điều kiện để thắng theo luật bầu cử, chưa kể ngày 26.11.2016 tiểu bang Michigan thông báo ông Trump thắng bà Hillary 10,704 phiếu cử tri do đó, ông Trump được thêm 16 phiếu cử tri đoàn. Số cử tri đoàn của ông Trump sẽ là 306.

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